Matriz Curricular - Inglês

Cursos de Graduação

Matriz Curricular - Inglês

Integral and Differential Calculus I

Environmental Sciences

Computing, Algorithms and Programming I

Ethics and Citizenship I

Experimental Physics I

General Physics I

Analytic Geometry and Vectors I

Descriptive Geometry

Topography I

Linear Algebra

Integral and Differential Calculus II

Numerical Calculus

Computing, Algorithms and Programming II

Technical Drawing

Ethics and Citizenship II

Experimental Physics II

General Physics II

Technological Chemical

Topography II

Topography Practice

Integral and Differential Calculus III

Computer-Aided Drawing

Applied Electricity

Transport Phenomena I

Experimental Physics III

Engineering Geology

Materials of Construction I

Solid Mechanics I

Strength of Materials I

Integral and Differential Calculus IV

Transport Phenomena II

Fundamentals of Architectural Design

Applied Hydraulics I

Hydraulics I

Materiais de Construção II

Probability and Statistics

Strength of Materials II

Building Construction I

Constructions Stability I

Applied Hydraulics II

Hydraulics II

Applied Hydrology

Infrastructure and Urban Space

Electrical Building Installation

Hydraulic Building Installation

Building Construction II

Constructions Stability II

Timber Structures Design

Soil Mechanics

Budget Planning

Ports, Rivers and Channels I

Highway and Railways Design

Basic Sanitation I


Constructions Stability III

Design of Concrete Structures I

Steel Structures Design

Scientific Methodology Applied to Graduation Project


Principles of Entrepreneurship I

Design and Construction of Pavements

Basic Sanitation II

Urban Traffic Engineering

Design of Concrete Structures II

Foundation Engineering

Finite Element Method


Principles of Entrepreneurship II

Urban Sewage Systems


Prestressed Concrete Structures

Design of Concrete Structures III

Civil Engineering Project Management



Economic Engineering

Notions of Law

Planning and Construction Techniques

Railways Project

Civil Construction Industry: Modulated and Prefabricated Structures

Pathology of Constructions

Ports, Rivers and Channels II

Software Applied to Engineering