Center for biological and Health Sciences

CCBS - Centro de Ciências Biológicas e da Saúde

Center for biological and Health Sciences
Center for Biological and Health Sciences

The Center for Biological and Health Sciences (CCBS) was established in August 2006, and includes courses in biological sciences, psychology, pharmacy, nutrition, physiotherapy and food technology.

With a record of excellence in teaching, research and extension activities in the area of health, CCBS has a modern infrastructure of laboratories for classes and research that stimulate the teaching-learning process in the courses. Examples of the resources available include: The food, semi-industrial, clinical and toxicological analysis laboratories; biomechanical, exercise physiology and biological science research laboratories - as well as a nursery, herbarium, and vivarium, in addition to the facilities of the Environmental Studies and Research Centre at Campos do Jordão. CCBS also has a modern area for experimental cuisine.

The Center develops specific internships at the facilities of its nutrition, physical therapy clinics, in the pharmacy-school, and the educational psychology service, which provide a range of community services.

All these facilities are managed and used by a highly qualified faculty, which is reflected by the quality of the training of graduates, and confirmed by the results of national assessments to which the courses are periodically submitted.

The CCBS is integrated with the postgraduate (stricto sensu) program in developmental disorders (Masters and Doctorates), recognized by CAPES as level 6, which conducts interdisciplinary research to understand individuals with disorders/disabilities in the research areas which comprise the program.

The Center offers extension and lato sensu courses in the areas of health in the clinical and social spheres.

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Prof. Berenice Carpigiani Ph.D


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