Managing Business Development

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Managing Business Development

The Professional Masters in Management of Business Development aims at high-level training and the development of business professionals who act as executives, entrepreneurs, or consultants, in order to add greater value to their careers. They also benefit the companies and organizations they collaborate with improving productivity and the effectiveness of their results.

The course deals with the theories and scientific methods geared to problem-solving practical needs and / or seizing market opportunities in companies based on issues related to the management of technology and innovation connected with developing markets.

These commitments are in perfect alignment with CAPES Ordinance No. 17 (December 28, 2009) and MEC Ordinance No. 389 (23/03/2017) which establish that professional masters must offer an effective contribution to the development and effectiveness of Companies and organizations, through the training of highly qualified human resources.

Being a course of practical application it is required that candidates have to forward with their application a declaration of interest from a company for completing the work of the graduate student, regardless of whether the student is an employee.

Time of classes: Fridays, between 18h30 and 22h, and Saturdays between 9h20 am and 12h40.

Selection process: twice a year – April to May and October to November.

Classes start: February and August of each year.


Reynaldo Cavalheiro Marcondes, PhD.


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24 months

Numbers of Credits:

50 credits

Time of classes:

From Friday 6th from 18h30 to 22h and Saturdays from 9h20 to 12h40.

Selection process:

twice a year - in April / May and October / November.

Classes start:

February and August of each year.



The Master’s Program is recommended by CAPES / MEC approved at the 160th Meeting of the Scientific-Technical Council of Higher Education (CTC-EC) held from 10.19.2015 to 10.23.2015.


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MESTRADO: O valor mensal de investimento para o 2º semestre de 2018 é de R$ 2.978,00.

Auxiliary Coordinator:

Patricia Betencourt




Oppening hours:

From 13:00 to 22:00

Coordination Address:

Rua Itambé, 143

Prédio 12 - Térreo

CEP 01239-001

São Paulo - SP