Economic and Political Law

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Economic and Political Law


The postgraduate program prepares the Masters and PhD candidates to academic life aimed at both teaching and research. To act as university professor or even for public careers such as prosecutors, magistrates, police chief, public defenders. Developing critical and reflective thinking of those who study law.

The Postgraduate Program in Political and Economic Law (PPGDPE) of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, recommended by CAPES in 2000, stimulates and consolidates critical thinking because the labor market demands from the legal professional analytical capacity of the problems that contemporary society faces. New problems trigger a paradigm shift in the legal sphere, creating new relationships between law, economics and politics. The approach to law as a cultural phenomenon and as such an integral part of social reality allows us to face the great challenges and conflicts typical of a plural society and to offer ever more complex answers to the growing social demands.

Thus research and studies supported by the PPGDPE address a critical reasoning about the Law and its relationship with Political and Economic Law impacts. They are developed under two theoretical boundaries (research lines): "Citizenship Modeling the State" and "Economic Power and its legal limits ".


Prof. Gianpaolo Poggio Smanio, PhD

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Masters: 24 months

Doctorate: 42 months


Number of Credits:

Masters: 42 (minimum)

Doctorate: 62 (minimum)


Days and times:

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Evaluation and Awards:

CAPES: Level 5


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Economic and Political Law


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