Cursos de Mestrado e Doutorado


Materials Processing Lab
  • Homogenizer – M.H. Equipamentos ltda.
  • Weathering Tester – Brand: Q-lab Model: QUV/spray
  • MECANOPLAST Mod. C400/3 Calender Roller
  • BRAWEL Mod. VF BPP 30 x 36 thermoformer
  • JUNDIAI Mod. RRATIK AIDC Hydraulic thermal press
  • KIE Mod. AK40 agglutinator
  • Romi Primax Mod. 65R thermoplastic injector
  • KIE LIK2000 rinser
  • SEIBT blade mill
  • AX plastics plastic balloon, thread and film extruder
  • KIE Mod. GK3 pelletizer
  • Marconi MA035 oven with air circulation and renewal
  • HAAKE rheometer with extrusion accessory
  • Prescott Instruments Ltd. Mini Tester Moving Die
  • Twin Screw Extruder

Mechanical Test Lab
  • MTS QTEST Universal Testing Machine
  • Tinius Olsen Model 892 Impact Machine
  • Tinius Olsen Model 899 Impact Notcher
  • Tinius Olsen IT 504 Impact Machine for Temps between -60C and 150C
  • Perkin Elmer DMA 8000 - Dynamic Mechanical Analysis
  • Panombra R! Mounting Machine
  • Mitutoyo Shore D hardness tester
  • Mitutoyo Shore A Hardness Tester
  • Micronal Mod. 86000 Weighing Scale (6000g – .1g)
  • SARTORIUS Mod. ME2155 analytical balance (200g -.00001g)
  • SARTORIUS Mod. LC51015 semi-analytical balance (5000g -.001g)
  • AWPMA CHARPY impact machine
  • UNIQUE Mod. USC-100A ultrasound
  • Cutting/web actuator
  • Resilience testing machine

Thermal Tests Lab
  •  Thermal Test Lab
  • Tinius Olsen M7993A plastometer
  • Tinius Olsen HDT and Vicat
  • Thermal Analysis – TG, DSC, DTA (Netzch STA)
  • Atomic Absorption PERKIN ELMER Mod. AAnalist 200
  • Atomic Absorption VARIAN Mod. AA1275
  • QUIMIS Mod. Q-317843 oven (320C)

Research Lab #1
  • Scanning Electron Microscope
  • MEV samples metalizer

Research Lab #2
  • Digital Thermostatized Bath (-10C to 120°C)
  • Viscometer (Brookfiled)
  • Beckman Coulter N4 Plus Particle Analyzer
  • Microquimica 052620 potentiostat
  • BelsorpMax specific area analyzer
  • BelsorpMax specific area analyzer

Research Lab #3
  • Viscotek HT-GPC-Module 350A
  • Infrared (IR)
  • X-ray diffractometer
  • X-ray fluorescence (30kV 30mA)
  • No-break for X-ray diffraction
  • No-break for X-ray fluorescence
  • Raman

Prep Room
  • Set of six heating bases
  • MA141 orbital shaker

Ceramic Lab
  • Bertel sieve shaker
  • Marconi MA 261 mechanical shaker
  • IKA Euroscar PVC mechanical shaker
  • VERDÉS BR 051 extruder
  • Marconi MA 035/5 oven with air circulation and renovation
  • REXROTH press filter
  • Fornitec Ind. e Com. Ltda. digital programmable mufla oven (1200C)
  • Gardelin 4162 spinner
  • Banbory internal-rotor mixer (Prof. Nilson – rubber equipment)
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Ball mill
  • Hammermill
  • Plaster-of-Paris casts

MackGraphe Labs
  • CVD system for growing graphene and other 2D materials (built and customized at MackGraphe)
  • WITex Alpha 300R raman confocal spectrometer with 488nm, 532nm and 633nm laser
  • JEOL JSM-7800F Scanning Electron Microscope, including: microammeter, nanometer pattern generation system, X-ray microanalysis system
  • Bruker Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope
  • Hitachi TM-3000 Bench-mounted scanning electron microscope
  • SPI Supplies Plasma Prep III Etcher oxygen plasma etching system
  • Nitrogen-atmosphere glove box
  • Olympus optical microscopes
  • 4 spin coaters for polymer film depositing on different substrata
  • 10 Newport mechanically isolated optical tables
  • TEEM Photonics Q-switched sub-nanosecond lasers at 1060nm, 532nm and 266nm
  • Single-mode fiber lasers and amplifiers up to 4W in power
  • IPG Photonics NLTL-Cr: ZnS / Se-2500-1000-100 solid-state laser in mid infrared, adjustable within the 2-3?m range
  • Synrad 48-1KAL CO2 laser, up to 10W in power
  • 1 Luna BR 30m optical frequency domain reflectometer
  • 1 Anritsu optical time domain reflectometer
  • 1 Newport optical beam profilometer in the visible, near-infra red and 1550 nm ranges
  • Comsol Multiphysics, VPI Transmission Maker, Matlab simulation and analysis software
  • 2 Autolab Metrohm PGSTAT 302N potentiostat/galvanostat equipped with impedance module (FRA32M) and current booster (BSTRT 10A) – Autolab Metrohm
  • 3 Elma P30H (37 – 80KHz) thermostatic ultrasound baths
  • 1 Autolab Metrohm PGSTAT 12 potentiostat/galvanostat
  • 1 Autolab Metrohm IME663 µ-potentiostat
  • 1 Autolab Metrohm PGSTAT 204 potentiostat/galvanostat with impedance module (FRA32M)
  • 1 Metrohm/Pensalab 761 Basic IC ion chromatograph
  • 1 Quimis pump-equipped vacuum drying chamber
  • 1 TA Instruments SDT-Q600 TGA/DSC thermal analyzer
  • 1 Viscotek HT-GPC 350A size exclusion chromatograph (SEC). Operates with refraction index detection and at temperatures up to 150C
  • 1 Kruss DSA 100B contact angle analyzer. Takes measurements in a temperature-controlled chamber up to 400C
  • 1 Thermo Scientific Haake Minijet Pro mini plastic injector
  • 1 Thermo Scientific Process 1 twin screw plastic extruder
  • 1 Solab SL 11 hydraulic press with temperature control (heating)
  • 1 Solab SL 12/20 hydraulic press with temperature control (heating and cooling)
  • 1 Quimis laminar flow fume hood